Over View of a Splinter Build

Building a Splinter Stand Up Paddle Board is easy. This is a quick overview of the process to give you an idea of what skills you will use and possible learn along the way.  Anything you haven’t done before is explained in the instruction manual.  If you feel that even that recourse doesn’t completely describe what you need to learn we are happy to answer the phone or help you by email.

Step 1

Pick out your board and get it shipped to you, alternately you can sign up for a build event!

Step 2

Epoxy the puzzle joints together.  This is a pretty easy step as you are basically gluing together huge puzzle pieces.

Step 3

Glassing the inside of the board, you can’t really do this any other time. especially after the board is all buttoned up.

Step 4

Set it up and stitch it up. This is a decently intricate step. taking your time here is well worth it to make your board a show piece as well as the connection to your next adventure.

Step 5

Adding hardware really allows you to customize some of the functionality of your board. Making it good from anything from SUP Touring, Surfing, or Wind Surfing.

Step 6

Zip it all up. During this step you make sure everything is to your liking. Again checking for twist, adjusting the rail, and making sure the rocker is just right.

Step 7 

Make it beautiful. Varnish put on the grip.


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